Home Pod Try One

Home Pod try one, as ours is now available for rent. It has been fully furnished and all utensils etc installed. It’s ready for a lovers weekend away, or friends ready for some exploration. If you want to see what it is like to live in a Tiny house now is your chance. Alternatively if you just fancy a break away from city madness get in touch and we will see if it’s free.

Watch a short video here below

Home Pod Try One

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Home Pod Finished

Home Pod Finished just needs some furnishing and a few things on the walls to get it ready to be a “Home Pod”. Thought we would put up a few photos here of the building empty but ready for someone to give it the final touches. We will be doing just that over the next week, so wait for the next set of photos shortly.

Watch a short video here below

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Have an idea for a Tiny House

Here at Arkipod we like to build things from scratch, we designed our own builds and worked from there. The Arkipod and Home pod builds are drawn up and then produced buying the materials from local suppliers. We don’t sell buildings imported from elsewhere and add a margin. We also are quite happy to receive your idea for a Pod or Tiny house structure and give you an idea of a price to build your dream. It is easy to surf the web for hours looking at different things that people have done from all over the world.

Here is an example of something you could send us

The sketch above was drawn up a while back by a good friend of ours. If you want something like this or anything else sketch it up, give an idea of dimensions and we can work out the rest.

Live the Tiny House dream, you can park the above anywhere, as long as you have permission to be where you are, you’re sorted.

Art Studio Pod

Escape your house and enter your Art Studio Arkipod. Peace and tranquility in an awesome space for productivity. Arkipods make Zen spaces for creating your artwork.

Let your creativity shine in your Artipod…..


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Simon and Julie – Mini Arkipod

“We are delighted to have installed this “pod” as an extra double bedroom, but now find that we have a meditation and yoga space as well.

This beautiful structure has also completely transformed our garden.

Simon and Julie with their Arkipod Mini
Pull out Sofa Bed

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Home Pod – Shower Room

Neil spent some time finalising the shower room. The room has been built on as a lean-to but never finished, so insulation and then waterproof gyproc were used to finish the inside. All the joints and screw heads were filled and finished. We then decided to sheet the three shower walls with a plastic product. Originally it was supposed to be a sort of outside shower so we maintained that idea a little by using a wooden base surrounded by stones. We will see over a few months how the wood stands up to the water from the shower.

A pleasing area to take a shower

Finished shower cubicle
Damp proof plasterboard
Other side

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Home Cinema Pod

Set up your “home cinema pod”, an acoustically pleasing sound space. The Arkipod is a nice way to take the sound and vision into a neat comfortable space.

Pleasing comfortable space for movie lovers

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Anne – The Creativity Cabin

My Cabin is a simple, grass-roofed, wooden building which has proved to be an extremely useful addition to our lives. It has been used an a office space, artist’s studio, temporary living space during a rebuild, storage loft, a pool/games room for loud kids to hang out in and as overflow accommodation for visitors.
The passive solar heating through the windows is often enough to keep a comfortable temperature. Even when it’s freezing outside the insulation is so good that a fire of driftwood or turf in the stove keeps the whole place toasty. I love the grass roof, not only for its beauty and eco-friendliness and all the wild flowers that bloom there in summer, but also because it absorbs sound and rainfall – even during a howling gale it’s peaceful inside.
It was a pleasure to be involved with Richie on the build. He came up with some great design ideas which maximised space and accessibility, gave great advice on choosing building materials and was willing to co-operate on building a bespoke space to fit the furniture and incorporate the second-hand windows and doors that I had located. He took great pride in his work and has built a solid structure that stood the test of time over a decade of storm-force coastal winds and severe weather. I can only imagine that these beautiful looking Arkipods will be similarly successful.

www.thecreativitycabin.com Anne

Ten years on
Wild Location
During the build 2009

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Home Pod – Kitchen

Once the walls were all clean and painted we started making the Kitchen part of the build. We made the kitchen fit the space we had and incorporated an old Belgian style of “Belfast Sink”.

The Belgian sink sets it off quite nicely

A Belgian sink
Looking back to seating area

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Sleeping Pod

“The sleeping pod”. A great spare room or a way of launching into your very own AirBnb venture. The Arkipod is a sure way to get a good nights rest.

The building shape makes for a soothing atmosphere in which to sleep

Arkipod Bedroom

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