Have an idea for a Tiny House

Here at Arkipod we like to build things from scratch, we designed our own builds and worked from there. The Arkipod and Home pod builds are drawn up and then produced buying the materials from local suppliers. We don’t sell buildings imported from elsewhere and add a margin. We also are quite happy to receive your idea for a Pod or Tiny house structure and give you an idea of a price to build your dream. It is easy to surf the web for hours looking at different things that people have done from all over the world.

Here is an example of something you could send us

The sketch above was drawn up a while back by a good friend of ours. If you want something like this or anything else sketch it up, give an idea of dimensions and we can work out the rest.

Live the Tiny House dream, you can park the above anywhere, as long as you have permission to be where you are, you’re sorted.