Home Pod Finished

Home Pod Finished just needs some furnishing and a few things on the walls to get it ready to be a “Home Pod”. Thought we would put up a few photos here of the building empty but ready for someone to give it the final touches. We will be doing just that over the next week, so wait for the next set of photos shortly.

Watch a short video here below

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Home Pod – Partitioning

Once the floor was done we had a sketched plan of how to divide the floor space and make a proper bedroom and turn the stairs around from their original position. This gave a more homely feel to the floor space and even though obviously the one space now becomes two the living area steel feels spacious due to all the natural light that floods in through the windows.

Stud wall up and temporarily the stairs in place
Stairs now bolted in to place and one side of the wall sheeted.
You can’t beat a sketched out plan, scale drawing….
Nice use of the space under the stairs with a bench that also provides storage.

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